Doctoral studies

Doctoral field: Philology

The doctoral field of Philology was accredited within the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School of Transilvania University of Brașov in 2010. It includes 5 doctoral subfields with 12 supervisors. So far, 35+ doctoral theses have been completed and validated.


• Prof. Dr. Ovidiu MOCEANU

• Prof. Dr. Virgil PODOABĂ

• Prof. Dr. Rodica ILIE

• Prof. Dr. Mihai Ignat

• Prof. Dr. Mihaela GHEORGHE – Head of the Philological Doctoral School

• Prof. Dr. Răzvan SĂFTOIU

• Prof. Dr. Liliana ALIC

• Prof. Dr. Gabriela CHEFNEUX

• Prof. Dr. Marinela BURADA

• Prof. Dr. Mona ARHIRE

• Prof. Dr. Elena BUJA

• Prof. Dr. Carmen PUCHIANU